Howie Mandel at Mohegan Sun Arena

Mohegan Sun Arena - CT, Uncasville, Connecticut



Howie Mandel at Mohegan Sun Arena - CT



Howie Mandel

Mohegan Sun Arena - CT

Howie Mandel tickets

Connecticut! Are you ready to laugh all night long with the former Deal or No Deal host and America's Got Talent judge? Howie Mandel, who has proven to be a constant force in the show business is ready to get up on stage, entertain you with his original routine at the Mohegan Sun Arena on October 19, 2024!

Saturday night will be filled with great audience work and extremely funny material. If you have never seen him outside his prime time TV persona, his stand up material will come in a wonderful surprise. If you're looking for an escape to the weary day-to-day life, this will be your jam.

Mohegan Sun Arena will be the venue of this incredible stand up show with good seats and amazing audio-visual equipment. With its plethora of awards, this arena does not disappoint!

It's going to be a raunchy Saturday night and you HAVE to be there. So get your tickets now before it sells out!

Howie Mandel Tickets from $97

Howie Mandel is going back to his roots! This year on October 19th, at the Mohegan Sun Arena, he has scheduled a stand up show that will drive you nuts from laughing too hard.

You might know him better as one of the America's Got Talent judge and former Deal or No Deal host but stand up shows have always been his staple. Spontaneity is the cornerstone of his shows with incredible crowd work to build an atmosphere where you will feel comfortable participating.

The most interesting bits in his specials are the innocuous parts. While other comedians thrive on making the audience the butt of the joke, Howie transitions to one joke to another, showing the audience that he is playing WITH them. You will get to experience first hand and be a part of the set of characters and participants in his bits.

As a lifelong sufferer of OCD and mysophobia, he gives voice to increase awareness for these conditions. His latex glove routine featuring various screened live incidents involving his issues has become infamous and it is definitely a must-see.

Howie Mandel has a plethora of achievements. Besides the TV show America's Got Talent and Deal or No Deal, he also starred in St Elsewhere, became the executive producer of the popular prank show "Deal With It," hosted a podcast titled "Howie Mandel Does Stuff," wrote a memoir, and so much more. But his dedication to being a stand up comedian is nothing short of remarkable. Expect an unsurprisingly game-show-host quality mashed into a messy fun!

Mohegan Sun Arena has been awarded "Best Casino with Live Entertainment in America," "Best Casino/Resort Venue of the Year," "Innovator of the Year," "Arena of the Year," and more. Its 10,000-seat arena ranked number one with its size and incredible lighting and sound equipment will give you the best experience ever.

It's time to fill up your Saturday night with top tier comedy. Don't miss the chance to witness the amazing unique Howie Mandel. Get ready to play and get your tickets now before it sells out!

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mohegan sun arena - ct

Mohegan Sun Arena - CT

Mohegan Sun Arena - CT, Uncasville, Connecticut, , US