Trevor Noah at Mohegan Sun Arena

Mohegan Sun Arena - CT, Uncasville, Connecticut



Trevor Noah at Mohegan Sun Arena - CT



Trevor Noah

Mohegan Sun Arena - CT

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This show could go any which way! Trevor Noah is bringing his Off The Record Tour to the Mohegan Sun Arena here in Uncasville, Connecticut, on Sunday, August 25th! All of Trevor’s talents and opinions are going to be on display. It’s one of those nights where you’ll get glimpses of the Trevor of old in the pre-Daily Show era, where he talked a ton about his life experiences. There’s obviously a part of the show where he almost treats it like the popular “Between the Scenes” at the Daily Show. It’s an election year, so things could get somewhat political. When you add everything up, you’ll likely come to the conclusion that it’s a perfect moment to come watch Trevor Noah live.

A big chunk of the normally 10,000 seat arena is going to be open on this night. This is one of those shows, though, that’s in super high demand. Click the get tickets button soon to ensure you won’t miss out!

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Trevor Noah has always been one of the most interesting comedians on the circuit. That was even before his time as the host of the Daily Show. This makes his show one that you have to be more focused on. What usually happens is that the audience is going to give him some “room” through silence to allow him to develop the story that he’s telling on stage. You have to be engaged to catch the “punch lines” that are part of the story. It’s not your typical stand-up comedy show where the jokes are quick and witty. This is more of a class that you have to pay attention to, but you’re going to have fun doing it.

One of the things that he’s always been good at is the improv game. Since his time at the Daily Show, he’s been able to refine that part of his style a ton. That’s why he now has a part in most of his shows, where he asks the audience if they have any questions. This is where things can get a bit political. At the very least, you know that he’s not going to be afraid to share his opinions. If you miss Trevor’s daily insights, then you have to come out to the Mohegan Sun Arena here in Uncasville, Connecticut, on this last Saturday of August. The cool part about these audience interaction dynamics is not only that people get to pick Trevor’s brain. It’s also that they make each show unique. Even if you saw him on another stop on the tour, this one could be worth it as well.

As mentioned, a portion of the Mohegan Sun Arena that’s behind the stage has been closed off for this event. However, there are still plenty of great seats available to choose from to see Trevor Noah live. Floor tickets are actually going for very decent prices! If you want to sit in one of the comfy boxes that this venue boasts, that could be an idea. Wherever you choose to sit, make sure to click the get tickets button as soon as possible. That’s going to grant you the best chance to find the spots that you want.

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mohegan sun arena - ct

Mohegan Sun Arena - CT

Mohegan Sun Arena - CT, Uncasville, Connecticut, , US